1928: The Arcadians


Lyceum Theatre Sheffield

February 1928

Producer/Actor - Cecil Everett
Musical Director - Desmond MacMahon


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This news cutting has been kindly supplied by Richard Roper


Simpliciter  -  Cecil Everett

Mrs Smith  -  Mrs Cecil Everett

Peter Doody  - T. Alec Seed

Sombra  -  Doris Hitchener

Chrysea  -  Phtllis I. Horribin

Eileen Cavanagh  -  Lorna Skill

Jack Meadows  -  Harold Jolly

Sir George Paddock  -  J. L. Taylor

Bobbie  -  J. Nicholson Jnr.


A later Article about the production

36 Page Programme

Kindley supplied to us from Richard Roper of Bournemouth




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